Daniel Zappala

RootsTech 2016

Tue 02 February 2016 family history

I am giving a talk with Bill Barrett at RootsTech that provides an overview of the Family History Technology Workshop -- how academic research influences the technology we use.

The slides are here: RootsTech 2016


Paper Summaries for Winter 2016

Wed 13 January 2016 security

I am presenting a few paper summaries for graduate seminars this semester. This post will be updated as I add them.

  1. Users are Not the Enemy, Anne Adams & Martina Angela Sasse, Communications of the ACM, Volume 42 Issue 12, Dec. 1999, Pages 40-46.
  1. An Administrator's Guide to Internet Password ...

AIMS 2015

Wed 01 April 2015 measurement

My slides are here: AIMS 2015


Civic Engagement Workshop

Thu 26 March 2015 civic hacking

Today I am participating in a panel on Using new technology to make a difference at the BYU Student Civic Engagement Workshop. This is an event sponsored by the Civic Engagement minor in the Political Science Department at BYU. I was introduced to this group by Rachel Stone, a student ...


Network Neutrality

Tue 18 November 2014 network neutrality

We are covering network neutrality in CS 660 this week. This is a great topic for exploring the structure of the Internet and business relationships among ISPS, as well as a chance to grapple with difficult policy questions.

Network neutrality has been in the news a lot lately, with the ...


UtahJS Talk on Civic Hacking

Thu 03 October 2013 civic hacking

Today I am giving a talk at the UtahJS Orem group, on the topic of civic hacking. This is a local developer group that promotes web programming and Javascript for software developers. I was introduced to this group by Jason Dobry, one of my students who is a big Javascript ...


HTTP as the Narrow Waist of the Future Internet

Mon 09 September 2013 Internet architecture

A variety of new Internet architectures have been proposed over the past decade, often to explore a new feature such as improved security or content-based networking. Any new architecture must also address the critical issue of evolvability, since we can't hope to perfectly predict what services a future Internet ...