Amy Harris -- Wishlist - instructional (turn a genealogy professional into a computerized assistant -- give users the tools of an expert, teach them the skills and techniques as they go) - help information for specialty records not oriented toward typical user - record specific, situation specific - tell user these records are for pre-1700, need to be able to read handwriting, need specialty knowledge on manors, etc - help user in catalog realize there are records at county level instead of state level, or may need to look at churches what churches available, county history tells you --> family history assistant - OCR of old handwriting (partial) combined with other instructions - citation standards - MooseRoots does somse of this with 1940 census - filtering - control over filters, like Ancestry search - women's names change over time, so you cna't easily find pre- and post-marriage info on same search - naming hints based on culture/country - emple work that takes into account relationships - removing low quality content for the user - jurisdictional and mapping - these change over time, very had for genealogists - understanding how property or jurisdictional boundaries change over time is very hard