Daniel Zappala

Associate Professor


BYU | Computer Science

Internet Research Lab

Research Opportunities

I am recruiting PhD students. I often have positions available for undergraduates as well. Contact me at zappala@cs.byu.edu for research opportunities.


I direct the Internet Research Lab where we conduct research on network security and usable security. Much of our research is done jointly with the Internet Security Research Lab, led by Kent Seamons. In the past, I conducted research in networking, including multicast routing, peer-to-peer networking, and wireless routing and transport protocols. As a graduate student I was lucky enough to be a part of the RSVP project. I occasionally do some measurement work. See my research page and my publications page for more details.


For many years I have taught courses in Computer Networking and Internet Programming. Recently I have begun teaching Web Programming Computer Security. See my teaching page for more details.

Research Artifacts

I believe that all scientists should publish their research artifacts with every publication. This includes releasing source code, documentation, data, scripts, user-study guides, survey text, and so forth. We strive to provide all materials needed to replicate our research whenever we publish a paper.

Open Source Software

I am a regular user and occasional writer of open source software. I run Linux natively on most of my systems (recently switching to Mac for my laptop) and have spent a number of years mentoring students in independent open source projects. I believe creating open source software -- both in my research and in service to the community -- is at the heart of BYU's mission.

Professional and Community Service

I currently serve as the Publicity Coordinator for ACSAC and on the program committee for PeTS. In the past I have served on the Technical Program Committee for NOSSDAV, IFIP Networking, and IEEE Infocom for a number of years. I have also chaired the Family History Technology Workshop.

I served on the planning commission and city council of Cedar Hills for a combined seven years. I also spent several years on the board of the Lone Peak Public Safety District and Utah Valley Dispatch. If you are at all interested in serving politically, I would be happy to talk to you about it.