Daniel Zappala

Teaching and Research

I direct the Internet Research Lab, where we conduct research on networking, security, and usability. Much of our research is done jointly with the Internet Security Research Lab, led by Kent Seamons. We are often looking for good undergraduate and graduate students interested in solving challenging problems in this area; please feel free to contact one of us if you are interested. See my research page for more details.

I currently teach courses in Web Programming and Computer Networking, and previously taught Internet Programming for many years. See my teaching page for more details.

Open Source Software

I am a regular user and writer of open source software. I run Linux natively on all my systems and have spent a number of years mentoring students in the BYU Open Source Lab. I believe creating open source software -- both in my research and in service to the community -- is at the heart of BYU's mission.

One of the applications we built is called Citizen Budget, which helps provide budget transparency for cities. It is currently in use by my city, Cedar Hills. Another application we run is called leaf, which downloads your genealogy from FamilySearch and show you were additional work needs to be done.

Community Service

I serve on the city council of Cedar Hills, where my responsibilities having included finances, technology, and open government. I also sit on the board for the Lone Peak Public Safety District, which includes the Lone Peak Police and Lone Peak Fire Departments.

Reforming Software Patents

Software patents are threatening innovation, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. See this EFF page for a good overview of the issues. Listen to When Patents Attack! Part One and Part Two by This American Life and Planet Money.

Get Involved

Contact me at daniel.zappala@gmail.com for research or coding opportunities.